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Nintendo interested in fast charging battery kit for Wiimotes

The revolutionary Wiimote has always been paired with rechargeable batteries for techsavvy and frugal individuals since the Wii’s release in 2006.

Nintendo is reportedly looking to release a quick charging battery kit for it’s Wiimotes, if one will consider the recent online survey which you can see below:

nintendo survey

This might be a case of too little too late but since Wiimotes can still be used with the Wii U, Nintendo might be on to something here.  The real downside I can see here is cost as it looks like Nintendo will be asking $40 for the rechargeable battery, AC adapter, a charging cradle, strap and replacement silicone jacket (which will no doubt be needed to accommodate the added bulk of the battery pack) – it might be cheaper to just continue using rechargeable batteries.

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