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Capcom teases new monsters and location for Monster Hunter 4

Coming again exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 is set to come out for the Japanese market and Capcom is in it’s usual hype machine mode.

Fresh off Famitsu, we see two new monsters (Garara Ajara and Kunchuu) and a brand new hunting grounds for the series (Unknown Sea of Trees).

Capcom teases new monsters and location for Monster Hunter 4

The Garara Ajara is a new monster type and is the first snake dragon in the portable franchise (yep, excluding the MMO version). It has poison-based attacks (urk) and uses it’s long, snake-like body to entangle it’s prey. The Kunchuu is a new insect-type monster that attacks in droves and rolls like the Volvidon in MH3U to fend off attackers.

There’s also a bit more info on the Charge Axe, explaining it’s two modes. In Sword mode, you’ll get to do whirling slashes, finishing hits and dashing attacks. The Charge Axe will have horizontal finishers as part of its normal attacks and also has a finishing attack that changes it to its Sword mode.

While the game is set out to release this year, non-Japanese gamers can’t help but wonder, when will Capcom set the release date for the international version of the game. :/

source Siliconera, All Games Beta

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