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Final Fantasy X HD will release with Final Fantasy X-2 on Vita and PlayStation 3

While Square-Enix is still mum about details about the upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation Vita, a small column in Jump’s upcoming issue contains an interesting detail.

Originally, Square was only supposed to have a Final Fantasy X HD release for both the Vita and the PlayStation 3, but if the rumors bear truth, a remaster of Final Fantasy X-2 will also be available.  Both games will be available in a single disc for the PlayStation 3 while on the Vita, each game will be available separately with their respective cartridges.

There’s also mention of an international edition which, if you played the PS2 version of Final Fantasy X will include an updated sphere grid which includes nine extra abilities and nine completely optional bosses to fight — the eight Dark Aeons and Penance.  For Final Fantasy X-2, a few more additional content were included in the game like two new dresspheres, the Last Mission at Yadonoki Tower, the ability to capture monsters and the inclusion of several key characters from the original game.

Likely the international version will be available a few months after release of the Japanese version.


Update: looks like it’s no longer just a rumor 🙂

via FF-Reunion, source Gematsu

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