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[HowTo] skip tutorial in SimCity

Whenever you hit a new server to play you’ll encounter this screen.

[HowTo] skip tutorial in SimCity

Maxis has cleverly hidden away skipping the tutorial screen so that people will ALWAYS go through it.  Not to worry though as there’s a simple work around

How To skip the SimCity tutorial:

  1. Go ahead and click the Getting Started button on the home screen. There’s really no simple way to skip this as of the moment so you do have to the tutorial city.
  2. When you see the welcome message popup will show in the lower corner, you must click Okay to proceed.  If you don’t you’ll be stuck since the game doesn’t allow you to do anything else while in the hint mode.
  3. Once the popup for the CAMERA appears, you can click the button on the upper right to access the game menu.
  4. Click  Exit To Main Menu.  This will bring you to the start screen and allow you to start the game as you please.

Simple-ish but could’ve been simpler no?

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