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EU version of Devil Survivor: Overclocked has gamebreaking bugs

Unfortunately, being late to the party doesn’t assure EU gamers of quality as indicated by the state of how the 2 yr old Devil Survivor: Overclocked released for their region.

Quote from a comment on the Ghostlight — the company in charge of the localization for the EU — blog (related to the “Summon” command):

Hi guys! Loving DS:O so far, but unfortunately I have to report a bug. Every time I try to use the ‘Summon’ command, my game freezes and I have to reset the whole console :'(

Tested with: Free slots in teams; Slots in team with dead demons; multiple different battles, Free and Story.

I know other people have reported this, but is there any word of a fix? Is it likely to be patched?

And this:

Sadly this doesn’t seem to be just a case of an oversight. The US version is bug-free and the EU version is only supposed to bring in some changes for the ratings/NoE requirements. How things ended up with a beloved Atlus title in such a state is another point in the growing dissent against region-locking the 3DS — had the 3DS been open to play non-region specific games, everyone would’ve been happy šŸ™

source Neogaf

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