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EA offers a little something to griefed SimCity owners

The Maxis Team has finally got SimCity to a playable state much to the relief of fans of the series and new comers to the franchise. There’s still a few hiccups and some crashes but the overloading seems to have been handled as the numerous new servers can now handle the strain.


EA’s PR department is now working overtime to placate the blood-thirsty masses, the company is set to fork out a free game to people who purchased, activated (and didn’t do a chargeback or refund… basically your account still needs to have SimCity) from EA’s portfolio. No word on what exactly we’ll be getting but on March 18, the company will send out an email telling them how to redeem our free game.

Not bad considering I just stuck to playing Fire Emblem and going outside for events through the thick of the downtime. No word on if and when we’ll get an offline patch for the game however 🙁

source Official EA Blog

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