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‘Brave New World’ expansion announced for Civilization V

Following the success of last year’s Gods & Kings expansion, Firaxis has announced a second expansion pack for Civilization V:  “Brave New World”.  This upcoming addition to Civilization V brings in new leaders, scenarios and wonders as well as changes to some of the in-game mechanics in terms of culture and diplomacy.

Firaxis says that Brave New World would allow players to host the World Congress which let you create and vote on resolutions that you can impose on other leaders – imposing trade sanctions on rogue nations, capping resource usage, electing a host for the “World Games”, and setting rules for the use of nuclear weapons.  Trade networks also get an overhaul as the game beefs up international trade networks, finally allowing you to micro some resources into cities that you need to grow.

“Right at the beginning there are trade routes,” Firaxis producer Dennis Shirk told us. “Caravans go back and forth in trade routes. Barbarians can attack them spawning more barbarians. Other players can attack to disrupt trade during wartime.” Players will also have a button to easily display an overlay of trade routes in the game.

Another addition (welcome or otherwise) is Cultural Victory where you race to dominate the map with arts and masterpieces by using Great Writers, Artists and Musicians.

Civilization V: Brave New World is due out this Summer for a suggested price of $29.99

source PC Gamer

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