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Infinity Moment – Sword Art Online set for March 14 release

Namco Bandai will be giving Sword Art Online fans a chance to relive the moments of the LN and anime as Infinity moment – Sword Art Online is set to release for PlayStation Portable on March 14.

Aside from the staple characters Kirito and Asuna, you’ll be able to meet and party up with other characters in Aincrad. Players will explore the mazes of each floor and fight off the boss at the end of each level (much like how the story went).

As with the SAO mythos, bosses start behaving differently when their life bar hits as certain point — and with this, knowledge of the game world will be a lot of help.

For those of us hoping for a localization, like most anime-bound games, this one’s likely to stay in the orient. The only way we’ll get an english translation is via the fanbase.

source Dengeki

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