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PSV CFW gets XMB: Total_Noob announces TN-V

Custom Firmware development is chugging along the Vita front as Total_Noob has announced a new CFW in the works.


According to Wololo, 6.60 TN-V is a Custom Emulator Firmware (CEF) for the PSVita based on the 2.02 UNO exploit. The upcoming update from TN-C will contain an working XMB Menu and support PSN access – meaning if you have any digital content on tied to your PSN account you can connect to the store front and download content. There will be no need for additional proxies (as the current ones are already blocked on PSN)as it’ll be using the PSP’s 6.60 firmware (to connect).

Here’s a video demo by Total_Noob:

No word on a release date yet.

source Wololo

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