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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gets Wii U and 3DS bundles, Circle Pad Pro in Europe

EU-based Monster Hunter fans have a lot to celebrate as Nintendo and Capcom have announced hardware bundles for their region.


Both the Wii U and 3DS bundle will be available on March 22nd, the same day of the game’s release in Europe. The Wii U bundle includes a deluxe version of the console with 32GB of storage and a black Wii U Pro Controller while the 3DS bundle includes a 3DS XL of the same color. A Circle Pad Pro accessory will also be available but will need to be purchased separately.

Now all we need is Capcom to set the bundle US-bound (and inadvertently for the Philippines as well) but unfortunately there currently is no word on that. Personally, I’m waiting for the 3DS bundle so I can swap it out with my Flame Red 3DS XL. No need for accessories of freebies Capcom, just release it and I’ll buy it.

source Siliconera, Nintendo Everything

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