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Wii U now available in the Philippines via DataBlitz

Yep, right after launching in the US and taking over the tech news stories, the Wii U is now available in limited quantities at your favorite DataBlitz outlet.

The downside? The deluxe edition, which costs $349 in the states currently costs 29,500 (less 1,000 if cash) pesos.

According to DataBlitz’s FB post that you see above, the outrageous pricing stem from the current lack of Asia region units as the current ones that they have in stock are meant for the US market.  Suffice to say, it’s a simple case of very limited supply and high demand.  Unfortunately for non-US-residents, no Black Friday deals for us.

If you’re looking to get a Wii U, you should probably wait for the Asian units to arrive or at least have the gray market pick up on supplies.

Here’s a receipt of one of the lucky (or some might say unlucky because of the hefty price) buyers of the Wii U.

Congrats on getting one of the first Wii U‘s in the Philippines 🙂

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