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GameStop lists PlayStation Vita with PlayStation Plus bundle

Sony is set to promote the PlayStation Plus service with the PlayStation Vita not long after it has launched support for the portable console and what better way to sell the service and the device than a bundle that includes both. This GameStop listing shows the new bundle which includes:

  • PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi
  • 1-year subscription to PlayStation Plus
  • Unit 13 game voucher
  • 4GB Memory Card
The PlayStation Plus bundle will cost you just $299.99.  The downside of course is that the 4GB won’t last long when you decide to buy digital editions of Vita games.  But then again, the upgrade to a larger memory card should be paltry sum in the future so you may want to put that on your wishlist or simply something to save up for during the holidays.

The bundle is listed for a December 7th release date.   No other retailers seem to be carrying the bundle as of yet so it’s possible that the PlayStation Plus bundle is a GameStop exclusive 🙁

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