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Valve unleashes: Meet the Pyro

.. and it was not what I expected. Watch the video embedded below: Now aside from finally releasing video for the Pyro, alongside a new map and several new item sets (basically the Pyromania Update),

[HowTo] Boot a PlayStation 3 into safe mode

Safe Mode is your PlayStation 3’s last line of defense against bad firmwares.  As per Sony’s recommendation, you should enter safe mode only if: When the PS3™ system is started up, the XMB™ menu is

[HowTo] Install PlayStation 3 firmware updates via USB

Aside from pulling newer firmwares via it’s software interface (the XMB), the PlayStation can also be updated via USB. Requirements: An unused USB drive (or any storage device than can be connected via USB) The update you

NIntendo announces 3DS XL

Looks like Nintendo’s hardware revision team has been spurned early as the company has officially announced a larger version of the Nintendo 3DS console. The 3DS XL, like the DSi XL, is a

Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 changelog

Blizzard has pushed it’s newest patch onto Diablo III’s game servers and should be making rounds in each of the game world’s regions as of now.  The new patch issues quite a few bugfixes,

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