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PS Vita PSP HEN demoed by Davee

Good old Davee (if you remember the ChickHen hack that enabled HEN for PSP with firmwares 5.03 and up) has posted a video of the PSP Kernel access in the PSP emulator of the Playstation Vita.

What this basically means is that if true, it enables lower-level access to the Vita’s innards, possibly paving the way for a full custom firmware for the Vita.  The demo shows a PRX Loader” menu he uses to load various homebrew game and even and ISO loader (though I’m pretty sure Vita games will need a lot longer to be run this way).  The video can be viewed below:

Here’s an excerpt from Davee

You can see, that it works! The benefit is that HEN can access the core of the kernel, allowing almost seamless compatibility. However, as you may know, VHBL cannot run Lamecraft. Nor can this HEN currently. Lamecraft uses the OSK interface which has been replaced with Vita’s OSK. It’s likely a software error in the PSP kernel from the arguements passed in the homebrew.

There is other things, and perhaps i’ll make a post for them another time, but for now, later.


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  1. zetagear Zeta March 23, 2012 Reply

    impending trouble for sony…

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