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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Mass Effect Download Costumes

Sera and Noel are getting some special (if not out of this world… literally out of this world) DLC costumes Final Fantasy XIII-2 courtesy of an unexpected Mass Effect crossover.

The image you see above is courtesy of Famitsu and Square Enix seems to be banking on the ME franchise’s popularity to get these moving. Yes, your eyes haven’t deceived you, that’s Serah and Noel in Mass Effect 3 costumes. Personally I’d prefer Sera’s bikini outfit but what the hell, different strokes for different folks.

Aside from costumes, Famitsu has also unveiled that FFVI beasts Orthos and Typhon will be available for purchase in the Coliseum mode.

The Noel and Serah “N7 Armor” costumes will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 27, priced ¥300 and 240MSP while Orthos and Typhon will also be available on the 27th, priced ¥400 on PS3 and 320MSP on Xbox 360.

source Andriasang 1, 2

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