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Rumor: Sony to reveal PlayStation 4 in 2012

Nintendo is up to step up it’s current console to HD and Microsoft is rumored to have it’s next-gen console already in development, what about Sony?

According to the latest rumor mill, Sony is set to unveil the existence of the PS4 at this year’s E3.

Nintendo will attend E3 with Wii U, Microsoft will make a next-gen announcement, and Sony need more than Vita to convince the world they’re equipped for a new console era. Don’t hold your breath for hardware designs, but some proof that PS4 exists is vital to Sony’s success. Expect a name –Playstation 4, duh – at E3, with more at TGS.

Personally, I doubt Sony will make the announcement this year or the next. Color me old school but doing so will undoubtedly affect current sales of the PlayStation 3. And Sony can’t really afford to pull down the PS3’s sales as the console has just recently experienced it’s best selling year not to mention the fact that the company lost several million over the PSN hacking incident.

Still, a rumor is a rumor until founded or proven otherwise. What do you guys think? Is it too early for a PlayStation 4?

rumor source: sillegamer via NG4

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