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Bethesda releases Skyrim Patch 1.4.27

A new update has been released for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and should now be available via Steam (if not already installed on your system).

The new patch and fixes a number of Skyrim bugs and Skyrim crashes related to launching mods, loading save files and often resulting in unresponsive controls or game crashes.

Skyrim Patch 1.4.27 changelog:


– Fixed issue with downloading mods when you are subscribed to more than 50 mods

– Fixed crash when loading a subscribed mod that has been removed from Workshop by the author

– Mod load order functionality


– Fixed occasional crashes when loading a save that relies on plugins/master files that no longer exist

– Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive while charging an enchanted weapon

– Fixed issue where controls would occasionally become unresponsive while switching from third to first person while using the Arcane Enchanter

– Fixed issue where controls would become unresponsive if activating a crafting station with autorun active

– Fixed issue where keyboard would fail if Rename Item was selected before choosing the number of charges, while using Arcane Enchanter

– Fixed several issues with remapping buttons while using an Xbox 360 controller

– Fixed issue where pressing Escape button after fast traveling but before the loading would cause certain menus to stop working properly

– Followers now sneak properly when player is sneaking

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