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Sneak Peek at Female-Only Queen’s Blade MMO

Korean developer MMO house Liveplex has an upcoming Queen’s Blade game that might tweak the interest of the male population of gamers and they have released a teaser video (mildly NSFW) which you can see below:

Mind you that an anime that shares the same title has nothing to do with the game except that they’re both NSFW 🙂

Noted the posts title? Queen’s Blade will feature female-only characters (see the appeal now?) with six classes revealed so far: Deffender, Shadow Walker, Whipper, Punisher, Sentinel and Medic.

The story synopsis (do we really need that?) so far is as follows:

Here’s the story synopsis as posted there:

Invasion by the “OTHERS” – No one exactly knew who they were.

The fall of human beings had begun by invasion of the others as known as “Narak”. The devastated world has remained chaotic for a century since their first strike. The tragic event has generated a great number of mutated creatures caused by unknown viral plague, and even worse was all of them came under Narak’s command. Shadow government, the only elite resistance troops having fought until the last, was nothing but merely a weak prey of Narak.

Birth of New Civilization – Elkana, the Beautiful Battle Machine loyal to Brahmans

Yet, not every single effort has gone in vain. Elka system designed to secure human genes was about to begin its operation in the deep underground where Narak’s recon didn’t reach. With the help of the super A.I. computer “Mother”, the system had finally launched and the entire world was getting ready for an unprecedentedly massive counterattack.

A gameplay trailer is available for viewing here:

A closed-beta is scheduled for Q1 2012.

source Siliconera, Official Queen’s Blade site

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