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Region 3 Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII-2 bundle

Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan has announced that a there will be special edition hardware bundle for Final Fantasy XIII-2 for Asia (that’s Region 3). For those of you confused, yes, Sony treats Japan as a different region even though it’s in Asia :).

The special hardware bundle includes:

  • a Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII-2 bundle which was previously only available in Japan
  • a soundtrack “special package”
  • one of eight transparent posters
  • Region 3 copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 – This includes Chinese and English subtitles and hopefully, dual audio.

The special, Region 3 Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII-2 bundle will be available for 11,280 NT ($372) and early buyers will snag DLC codes for two costumes “Summoner’s Garb” for Serah and “Battle Attire” for Noel.

Sadly, there is still no confirmation on whether the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector’s edition will be available for Region 3 as well.

via Siliconera, source SCE Taiwan

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