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[Mafia Wars] Raven Combos

mafia-wars-the-ravenThe Raven is Back in Mafia Wars and he’s badder than ever.  To defeat him, use this guide as a reference.

Unlocking The Raven

In order to unlock The Raven you need to Ice opponents on the fight list. After enough Ices he will show up in the fight list. Once unlocked, you have 8 hours to fight him, otherwise, he goes back into hiding for 3 days.

Recommended Strategy

Use the following attacks: Knife Slash, Bloody Knuckles, & Crack Of The Bat boss fight Ammos plus the new Sniper Shot! These Ammos drop from jobs, fights, robbing, & ices, respectively.

If you need to get the Sniper shot, follow this simple guide:

There are 6 different red C-C-C-combos when you fight the assassin

— Do note that the Sniper Shot is NOT giftable and the only way to get those is from icing.  It will replace Shotgun Blas making it unavailable for Assassin Boss Fights.

Mafia Wars Raven combos
green combo
Knife Slash -> Bloody Knuckles -> Sniper Shot -> Crack of the Bat

Yellow combo
Bloody Knuckles -> Bloody Knuckles -> Crack of the Bat -> Sniper Shot

Red combo
Knife Slash -> Sniper Shot -> Sniper Shot > Crack of the Bat

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