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GPU Driver updates

With the need for updated drivers for gaming, here is a compiled list of links for non-manufacturer specific drivers.

Important Note: For discrete GPU users, if you’re using manufacturer specific drivers, jump to the list below.

Graphics Driver and OS Updates:

  1. Download latest nVidia Drivers
  2. Download latest ATI/AMD Drivers
  3. Download Intel Driver updater
  4. Download latest DirectX
  5. Update Windows 7 Service Packs
  6. Update Mac OSX

GPU Manufacturer driver updates:

  1. Inno3D GPU Driver download
  2. Palit GPU Driver download
  3. Asus GPU Driver download
  4. MSI GPU Driver download
  5. Gigabyte GPU Driver download
  6. Inno3D GPU Driver download

If you want to suggest other links that should be added here the please post a comment and we’ll add it here.

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