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Generic Game Problem Fixes

There are a literally thousands of PC configurations which is why a universal fix for graphics problems isn’t possible.  The closest we can get for a universal fix is a general checklist that we’ll rundown through each time you encounter any problems relating to game graphics.  This checklist will help you cut down on a LOT of issues you’ll encounter in game and will be helpful regardless of your computer’s configuration.

Generic Fixes for Graphics-related problems

  1. Ensure that your drivers are up-to-date.  Just jump onto the Driver Update page and download update your computer’s drivers.
  2. Make sure that no-security related programs are flagging your game/application.  To check, run the game and alt-tab to see if your firewall or anti-virus has issued a notification.  If there is one, whitelist the application.
  3. Disable any unnecessary programs running in the background (unless you feel that your rig is capable enough).
  4. For Windows users, keep your Direct X version up to date.  Newer games won’t give you this problem as their installer usually bundles in a compatible build of Direct X.

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