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Sony details UMD rewards program

For PSP users who have invested in games bought from the PlayStation Store, buying a Vita will not be a problem as you’ll still have access to your games. All you need is to get your Vita a memory expansion card (an expensive one at that) and download a copy. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is looking into a similar system that will allow current UMD owners migrate games onto the new console.

The problem lies in the hardware and the current setup of the PS Store. While Vita can play all downloadable PSP software, it cannot play UMD PSP software. Additionally, there is currently no way for UMD owners to get a copy of the digital version of their games from the PS Store.

According to an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, SCEJ is considering a special offer where UMD owners can buy a downloadable version of the same title at a special price. This of course will run foul with a few folks who don’t want to re-buy their games.

From the same interview, we’ll be seeing Sony announce details on the service soon.

No word yet if this program will be available for North America, Europe and elsewhere outside Japan.

If you’re a UMD owner, let us know in the comments what you think of this rewards system.

source Siliconera, Andriasang

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