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Capcom confirms no online play for Monster Hunter 3G

Looks like Monster Hunter 3G will have one less feature from all the new ones that we’ve been seeing.  Capcom has officially announced that Tri G will not have online multiplayer support :(.

I’ll be missing this one for sure but it’s one thing to play online at home with a console connected to a TV and it’s another to play adhoc on a portable console.  Still, I would have preferred if Capcom stuck both options (online multiplayer AND adhoc) with MH 3G.  After all, it’s what they did for the PS3 version of MHP3rd (online multiplayer + adhoc with PSP players).

The upside is that the event quests (they should have named this TIMED quests or SCHEDULED quests due to their nature of being, well, scheduled) are now downloadable.  Not sure how this differs from special one-time events like Jump Fiesta quests or the current downloadable event quests for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd though.

Do note that the original release of MH Tri for the Japanese market had a paid online multiplayer service whereas the international release had it for free so this thing is still up in the air for MH fans outside Japan.

Monster Hunter 3G is currently slated for release in Japan on December 10th.  Still no word on a US release :/.

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