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Buy a WoW Annual Pass and get Diablo III free

Blizzard is hanging a tempting carrot in front of active WoW players in the form of a free copy of Diablo III.

To qualify your Battle.Net, account for that free copy of Diablo 3, all you need are the following::

  1. Have a WoW account existing on or before Oct. 18, 2011
  2. Purchase the WoW annual pass
  3. Enjoy your free standard version of Diablo 3, available at launch on your account

If however you’re considering forking money for a Diablo III collector‘s edition AND maintain an active WoW account, Blizzard will give you four free months on top of your annual pass (yes, an annual pass is required). To be able to avail of the free months of the annual pass, you need to meet the following requirements::

  1. Have a WoW account existing on or before Oct. 18, 2011
  2. Purchase the Diablo 3 collector’s edition
  3. Purchase the WoW annual pass
  4. Enter the Diablo 3 collector’s edition license key into your associated account
  5. Enjoy your additional four months of free WoW gameplay.

Players who avail of either offer will get:

  1. Diablo III FREE – for both Mac and PC (you can’t play at the same time though)
  2. Tyrael’s Charger WoW Flying Mount – ride for the Archangel of Justice on all current and future characters on a single World of Warcraft account. Tyrael’s Charger will arrive via in-game mail with the upcoming launch of patch 4.3.
  3. Access to the Next WoW Expansion Beta Test – Get a guaranteed spot in the beta test for the next World of Warcraft expansion (at a time to be announced in the future).

If you’re wondering on how you’ll be able to afford the Annual Pass, don’t worry. Blizzard isn’t asking you to fork out cash for the whole 12 months outright. You can pay it out monthly at $14.99 per month or according to the billing plan of your choice. A word of warning though, as stated in the Blizzard FAQ, you can’t cancel your subscription while the Annual Pass is active

Of course once you get past paying for Wow (and the Collector’s Edition if you’re getting it) the dilemma then is managing your WoW playtime together with playing Diablo III.

source Blizzard Support

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