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PlayStation Vita supports adhoc with PlayStation Portable

Since the PlayStation Vita is backwards compatible with existing PlayStation Portable games (those available on the PS Store that is), it only makes sense that Sony will allow it to connect communicate with it’s predecessor via adhoc.

What this means for you is that if you have a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the Vita and your friends have a copy of the game for their PSP, you can still connect to the same game channel and play together.  But what about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD?

While it wasn’t officially announced if the Vita will have the same connectivity with the PS3 using the PSP Engine, it’s technically possible to connect adhoc with a Vita, a PS3 and a PSP (since using said Engine, the PS3 technically emulates the PSP while the Vita does this natively).  Of course with this setup, the Vita is at a disadvantage due to it’s disappointing battery life (3-5 hours of game time…. just as long as the PSP Go lol) but if you’re going to play with someone on the PS3 then just make sure you set your play area up near an electrical outlet 🙂

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