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Monster Hunter coming to 3DS

Capcom is covering all it’s bases it seems as it’s biggest franchise comes to the Nintendo 3DS.

The new MonHun game is dubbed as Monster Hunter 3G. Following Capcom’s naming convention, MonHun 3G will be an expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri, the game which, much to the chagrin of PS3 owners which was released on the Wii.

Some info on Monster Hunter 3G are as follows:

  • More items (on top of weapons and items existing in Monster Hunter Tri)
  • New town
  • 2 companions ala P3G
  • Extensive use of the touchscreen in-game
  • Underwater sections, monsters and battles
  • Huge amount of new content (new maps/areas, monsters and did I say items?)
  • Return of Tri’s bowgun system
  • New theme monster called “Brakidios”
  • Series producer says it feels like playing with Wii Classic Controller
  • Playable demo at Tokyo Game Show – OMGWTFBBQ I want to play it

Yay, more underwater battles. While it is hotly debated as to whether the underwater battles add or subtracts value from the game, I am looking forward to it. Some people love it, some people hate it but regardless of your stance, it’s going to be a part of 3G.

And yes, since this is based on MH Tri, the respawning resources are back (yay)!

As for the extensive use of the touchscreen? How about allowing an instant camera turn towards the monster instead of where your character is facing? Capcom introduces the “Target Camera” feature for the touchscreen of the 3DS. Yes, the L trigger still retains it’s default setting of turning the camera to wherever your character is facing but the new touchscreen interface improves on that:

What that screen does is allow you to switch between the L trigger’s functions between default or facing the target monster of the quest.

The effect is shown below:



My reaction? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! It will be a HELL of a lot easier to tame the camera (imagine playing MHP3G on the PSP Go :/). Will it take something out for new players to experience? Not really because it’s just an option. If you want to play things the old fashioned way you can simply ignore it. If you want to gameplay to be a bit easier, then use it. The bottom line is, it’s optional.

Taking notes from P3G, you now have two companions, the first is Cha-cha, the original companion in MH Tri and Kayanba, Cha-cha’s rival. No backstory has been revealed but we’re bound to find out that out from the game.

No Monster Hunter game would be complete without a main monster. With 3G, it’s the “Brakidios” (or Black Dios from other people’s romanji… we’ll have to wait for an official announcement) and he looks like this:

Monster Hunter 3G’s setting takes place in a new town called Tanzia Harbor, an oasis for sea goers. Not much information about the online mode or the multiplayer lobby has been released as of published time.

Ok that about wraps it up, I’ll be pushing another post for Capcom’s peripheral for the game called the slidepad as more information about it comes out. In the mean time we can bask in these information for awhile. With all the hype, I was really hoping they’d announce that you can play it with the Wiimote and the sensor bar but that’s probably asking too much :). I am however, interested as to how the MonHun 3G will benefit from the Nintendo 3DS‘ stereoscopic 3D feature. More headaches for the player? Probably.

Vita fans don’t despair, Capcom is most probably working on a P3G port for you (or us since I’m one of you guys :)).

source Capcom, Andriasang

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  1. elisha_riza Blaze September 8, 2011 Reply

    I don’t have a 3DS! Hope i could have one! Still no MHP3rd on psp! Will capcom make one?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 8, 2011 Reply

      I’m hoping that they we’re rushing P3G HD so they could release both the PSP and the PS3 version at the same time.

      • elisha_riza Blaze September 8, 2011 Reply

        The Targeting feature is cool!

  2. vectorbot Vectorbot September 21, 2011 Reply

    Brakidios looks like a cross between Jinouga with an Ice Barroth.

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