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First Look at Project Diva Extend

Oh noes another Project Diva game?

Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend (formerly Project Diva 2.5) will be releasing on the PlayStation this November.

Extend will offer the same gameplay as the previous game in the series, Project Diva 2 (like simultaneous button presses and long button presses) with additional refinements and balances.

Diva Extend will feature a new set of new tracks (as well as old ones revamped) and as well as Modules (costumes) for your favorite Vocaloid.

Here are some finer details for Project Diva Extend:

  • The game will feature 36 tracks, 19 of which are new to the game franchise
  • DLC songs and modules from Project Diva 2nd will also be found in the game – except the Idolmaster content
  • The upgraded DIVA room will have more than 40 events
  • Project Diva extend features 150 modules all in all

Here are some of the modules for Project Diva Extend:

Below is the first trailer for the game:

As with previous Project Diva games for the PSP, we can expect a graphically soupe’d up release for the PS3 in the months following Extend’s release.

source Sega

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