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First look at Monster Hunter 3G’s weapons

With Monster Hunter 3G expanding on Monster Hunter Tri’s content, we get to use the weapons missing in the wii game: dual swords and gunlance.  In total, there are twelve weapons to choose from for MH3G which you can use both on land and in the water.

As with the previous game, battling underwater is a bit different compared to usual combat.  Your moves are slower, monsters are faster (somewhat, it’s easy to dodge a charging Barroth than a slithering Lagrarius) and theres a 3rd dimension to move into.  I wonder how the gunlance’s wyvern fire will work or if it’s even usable underwater, we’ll have to wait for videos and see.

Below is a gallery of the game’s weapons and how they look in game:

Switch Axe


Heavy Bowgun

Light Bowgun



Hunting Horn


Sword and Shield

Long Sword

Great Sword

The Japanese release of Monster Hunter 3G is scheduled for release on December 10. No word for an international release but I can bet my money that the MH3G will coming to the US earlier than MHP3G — this is considering how Monster Hunter Tri was released.

source Siliconera

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  1. elisha_riza Blaze October 1, 2011 Reply

    buti ka pa ! hahahaha ! completo ka ata sa mga gadgets eh hahaahah ! 🙂

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