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Davee’s 09g Downgrader

While some1’s current release of his 6.xx Downgrader works wonders, PSP owners with 08g and 09g models are left out of the option of downgrading to 6.20. Thanks Sony. PSP Dev Davee took up the challenge of looking for away to allow these PSP models to downgrade to 6.20 and allow you to install Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN-E and/or the latest 6.20 PRO build.

Warning: Despite being tested with multiple units, do note that downgrading is still dangerous and it’s possible to brick your PSP. If you do proceed with the downgrade, you can go ahead and install the permanent patch for your chosen LCFW/HEN build but be forewarned that with this method, your PSP won’t identified properly (and may cause some problems in the future).

If the warning has shaken you, just use some1’s downgrader instead.


How to downgrade your 09g PSP to 6.20 OFW.

  • Create an Update folder in PSP/GAME.
  • Extract and
  • Copy the ChronoSwitch Downgrader folder PSP/GAME
  • Copy the EBOOT.pbp file PSP/GAME
  • Run the Davee’s Downgrader from your XMB
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After the install a blue screen will appear. Press O to restore your settings.

ProTip: If you get white screen instead of blue, completely turn off your PSP and turn it on again then as fast as you can hit the following combination of buttons : Select + Start + Square + Triangle

Davee – legend. Originally made 6.35/6.31 downgrader
some1 – legend. 6.38/6.39/6.60 support.
bbtgp – legend. Continued updates to psardumper (pspdecrypt) and the signing application “prxEncrypter”.
coyotebean – legend. Coninuted updates to psardumper (pspdecrypt) and large influence and research regarding cryptographics.
kgsws – legend. First application signed and method released.
Silverspring – legend. Lots and lots of info on KIRK where we’d still be in the dark without.
Bubbletune – BTCNF injection code and bits and bobs here ;D

Source : [Davee’s blog]

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  1. Samadhia Sam September 6, 2011 Reply

    Been following this downgrader since it come up this Sept, my opinion will be do not use it yet at least until Dave Release V5.1. And if u really wanted to try it, here’s a Tips so u don’t mess up bad with u’r psp.

    Downgrade it to 6.20 only. Cos when u downgrade it, u CAN NOT change it to another O Firmware (it’s have something to do with the OF upgrader cannot detect the 9G module. Dave were working on it on V5.1)

    Hey one of the Tester Downgrade it to 6.10 and still stuck with it until now hehehe

    And a few common known issued.
    Your Psp will work just fine, but u CANNOT make u’r system go to standby mode.
    When u flick u’r power to go to standby mode, it will cos u’r psp to go shut down. it mean u cannot resume from were u left u’r game
    If u are a player that always use save point to save,that will not be an issued. For me it make my PSP gaming life like hell, well i oftenly cannot find the save point :p

    So for now my advice. Donot use this downgrader yet, wait for the v5.1. Dave say’s it be out in a couple of days.

    Only use this DG if u wanted to help Dave identify other problems. just go to his Blog and comment on it. Just don’t Flaming him if something happen to u’r psp ;D

    Been waiting for my new PSP it supposed to come this wekkend, so i can tamper with it.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade September 6, 2011 Reply

      Thanks for the info.. I’ll append your findings in the post.

  2. Samadhia Sam September 6, 2011 Reply

    Btw the name were kind a cool It remind me of Chrono Trigger, really love that Classic game.

    Ah adding on my opinion,
    I encourage anyone who have experience in Tampering OFW -> CFW try this downgrader, to help Dave to perfecting this downgrader. The more people willing to try and sacrifice :p. The more our comunity have benefit of it.

    The “not use this downgrader yet” is for someone who cannot afford to lose their PSP or someone who played it safe.

    The more people willing to try the better :p Cheerss

  3. andrew_fhpd andrew December 14, 2012 Reply

    i put the update in the game folder and i ran the downrader then it started but it just took me back to the XMB menu. any help?

    • andrew_fhpd andrew December 14, 2012 Reply

      nvm i figured it out i didnt ave the go update i had the regular update lol

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