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Razer unveils the world’s first true gaming laptop

The whole reason behind Razer’s PC Gaming Is Not Dead teaser site has finally been unveiled, the Razer Blade portable gaming laptop.

In terms of looks, the Razer blade is a winner, packing a workhorse inside a thin and light casing that only measures 16.81″ (Width) x 10.9″ (Depth) x 0.88″ (Height); 6.97lbs (Weight). The black exterior is sure to win you envy on your next LAN party.

Now for the all important specs. Razer has equipped the blade with a dual core i7-2640M processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a NVidia GT-555M with 2GB GDDR5.

Razer Blade
17.3″ full HD LED display @ 1920×1080
Intel Core i7-2640M processor 2.8GHz
Dual-core, Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz
Intel Mobile Express Series 6 PCH “Cougar Point” chipset
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 memory
Intel HD Graphics 3000
NVidia GT-555M with 2GB GDDR5
Optimus Technology
HD webcam
320GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
HDMI port
1 x USB 3.0 port
2 x USB 2.0 ports
GigaBit LAN
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0

Spec wise, the blade is a tad disappointing in the graphics department since Razer only equipped the 17-incher with the 555M, a mid-range GPU. Also, at $2,800, it’s a wonder that there isn’t an SSD. Still, it’s the little things that may make it the gaming laptop for you as Razer has made the blade with meticulous attention to detail like a small, custom power brick, he fully anti-ghosted keyboard and the tailored green-colored of the USB 3.0 port.

Beside the full-sized keyboard, you have the Switchblade User Interface which includes 10 dynamic keys, fully customizable keys and an LCD screen that doubles as a multitouch panel.

So why did Razer put the keyboard off-center and place the touchpad beside it? It simulates a proper mouse and keyboard setup (although if you’re placing something that require accuracy like an RTS or FPS, this thing will have you killed). Razer says that the screen will display information from the game you’re currently playing while the customizable buttons will have dynamic functions depending on what title you’re playing. This being a Razer product, it’s possible that the company will include software that’ll allow you to create your own macros, customize icons, etc. The possibilities are endless (as long as support is there).

Below is a preview video from IGN

At $2,800, it’s not something for everyone as the price is a bitter pill to swallow. Still if portable gaming is your thing (with stress on portable), the Razer Blade may just be for you. The blade is set to release in the 4th Quarter of 2011.

source Razer

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