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Final Fantasy Type-0 japanese demo arriving August 11

Looks like the Japanese PSN will be getting Type-0 earlier than expected.

Come August 11, the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo called Natsubi will be available for download on both the Japanese PlayStation Store and on Square-Enix’s official Type-0 website.

Just like in Dissidia Duodecim downloading the demo will allow you to unlock content in the full game, in this games summer uniforms for your characters as illustrated above by Ace and Rem. To unlock them, you need to play the demo. Whether you need to complete it or complete achievements or simply have a save file (just like Aerith for 012) is as of yet unknown.

Here’s a gameplay video (of the demo) from Famitsu a few weeks back.

Again no word on when the demo or the full game will be released outside Japan so we’ll have to wait a bit (unless you can read Japanese kanas of course) before we can get our hands on it.

Final Fantasy Type-0 arrives on Japanese PSPs on October 13.

source Andriasang

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