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Final Fantasy Type-0 demo now available

It’s out. For Japan at least. You know how things are.

The Final Fantasy Type-0 demo is now available at the Japanese PlayStation Store and the official site. All you need is 332 MB of free space on your Memory Stick (or a Japanese PSN account if you’re going to download from there).

The “Natsubi” demo includes four stages from the full game with seven available characters.

The list of missions available in the Type-0 demo:

  • Operation Empire Escape (difficulty level: normal) – the first mission you can choose, a battle with Byakko troops.
  • Giudecca Battle (difficulty level: hard) – reach the destination and take out the Soryu army.
  • Operation Rush the Big Bridge (difficulty level: very hard) – reach the destination and take out Empire units. You’ll find several pieces of magic armor here.
  • Operation Breakthrough the Heart of the Enemy (difficulty level: impossible)- a clash with the Empire army in a forest.

As for the list of characters, here’s a break down of who’s who and who does what:


Weapon: Rapier
Button Combo:
T: Bolt Rapier
C: Spin Drive
S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)
X: Cure


Weapon: Daggers
Button Combo:
T: Dagger
C: Fire RF (rifle)
S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)
X: Cure


Weapon: Cards
Button Combo:
T: Card
C: Deck Open
S: Blizzard BOM (bomb)
X: Cure


Weapon: Sword
Button Combo:
T: Long Sword
C: Cross Judge
S: Fira MIS2 (missile)
X: Cure


Weapon: Spear
Button Combo:
T: Spear
C: Jump
S: Fire RF (rifle)
X: Defend


Weapon: Scythe
Button Combo:
T: Scythe
C: Dark Nebula
S: Thunder MIS (missile)
X: Cure


Weapon: Dual revolvers
Button Combo:
T: Handgun
C: Powered Bullet
S: Blizzard ROK (rocket launcher)
X: Defend

If you have already finished the demo and felt it quite lacking don’t worry, Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata says that the final game is still in the works and that changes will include increased enemy difficulty, with the enemies at greater level than your characters, and the inclusion of slightly improved camera code.

The demo can be directly downloaded here.

info and images via Siliconera

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  1. rondaniel_epr26 RON August 14, 2011 Reply

    The game won’t start on my PSP…. is there a problem?

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