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Final Fantasy Type-0 demo incoming

One of the most awaited PSP titles, Final Fantasy Type-0 (formerly Agito XIII) is nearly here and fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest FF title will be getting a demo real soon (Japan-only of course… you know how it is).

According to Famitsu, the FF Type-0 demo will feature at least four missions:

  • Operation Empire Escape (difficulty level: normal) – the first mission you can choose, a battle with Byakko troops.
  • Giudecca Battle (difficulty level: hard) – reach the destination and take out the Soryu army. It’s recommended to use Shiva here.
  • Operation Rush the Big Bridge (difficulty level: very hard) – reach the destination and take out Empire units. You’ll find several pieces of magic armor here. Again, summons are recommended.
  • Operation Breakthrough the Heart of the Enemy (difficulty level: impossible) – a clash with the Empire army in a forest. Players are advised to level up their characters and enhance their equipment before taking on this stage.

The demo will be available in September, about a month before Final Fantasy Type-0 releases on October 13.

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  1. elisha_riza Blaze_Highwind August 5, 2011 Reply

    I can’t wait!

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