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Fatal Frame coming to the 3DS

Looks like the first Fatal Frame game of the season won’t be landing on the Wii U with it’s unique controller (that fans like me are hoping to use as a camera for the game) but rather for the Nintendo 3DS.

Tecmo’s Fatal Frame team is currently hard at work for the Fatal Frame Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook. Yes, Japan really has a thing for overly long game titles, just ask the vocaloid girls. Spirit Photography makes use of the 3DS’s 3D camera which could make for some interesting AR with ghosts on your photos ^_^.

To those not following the series, Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook is a spin-off from the Fatal Frame story line. The plot for the game revolves around a mysterious violet (you guessed it) notebook. Spirit Photography has several gameplay modes like AR Note, Horror Note, etc but Tecmo Koei has yet to explain them. Still, the basics of the game stay the same. Point camera, snap shot at ghosts, live.

Tecmo has not yet confirmed a release date for Fatal Frame Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook so it looks like we still have to sit tight and cross our fingers for this one.

source Siliconera

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