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Sony announces PSP Engine, makes PSP to PS3 ports a reality

During the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 event in Tokyo, Sony has unveiled the technology that made it possible to port Monster Portable 3rd on to the PS3.

Dubbed the PSP Engine, it will act as a middleware for the PlayStation 3 OS and a PSP game in the Remaster Series allowing devs to basically port

  • HD rendering
  • Control with Dual Analogue support) through wireless controllers (Dualshock 3/Sixaxis)
  • 3D stereoscopic output
  • Ad-hoc Party unification
  • Main memory and graphic memory expansion
  • Common save data (for the PSP and PS3)

The list of features really isn’t a surprise since Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD’s announcement pretty much confirmed 90% of the list. For a comparison of how Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD compares, take a look at the screenshots below:

PSP Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

PS3 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD

The sad news is that no other “Remaster” titles were announced at the event so we’ll have to make due with MHP3HD, the Metal Gear HD collection and the Zone of the Enders HD collection for now.

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