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IdolMaster 2 coming to PlayStation 3

With the anime of IdolMaster fully underway, I’m quite glad that the Idolmaster franchise is now headed for the PS3.

Released earlier this year for the Xbox 360, Namco-Bandai is bringing IdolMaster 2 onto the PS3 with a slew of game fixes and added content by bundling previously released DLCs (clothes, accessories, and songs for the girls) on Xbox Live. Yep, the PS3 port will have more content than the Xbox 360 version including Ready!!, the theme song of the Idolmaster anime.

For those unfamiliar with the game, in the Idolmaster series you are the producer. You play the game by managing the idols under you by making them go through dance and song lessons and helping them pass auditions to get on TV shows. It’s a combination of a production company simulator and rhythm game. Think Project Diva but with a sprinkle of strategy in the gameplay.

To accommodate new players (like me) the PlayStation 3 version will include a difficulty mode for beginners, oddly named the Normal mode — for experts, you get the Hyper mode.

Idolmaster 2 will be available in two packages, the stand-alone game and the Idolmaster Special Box. The stand alone game will sell for 7,980 yen (~$100) while the limited edition special box will be available for 19,800 yen (~$250). Pricey huh?

The Idolmaster Special Box includes:

  • Idolmaster 2 game for PS3
  • Idolmaster Gravure For You!
  • Idolmaster 2 anime Volume 1 (Blu-ray)
  • Special Box to hold all volumes of the anime
  • Idolmaster 2 OST

The Idolmaster Special Box contains a second game that’s sure to attract the fans. Idolmaster Gravure For You! will allow you to take the IdolMaster girls on gravure photoshoots as seen in the images below:

Again, this is only available from the Special Box so if you’re interested in getting it, better start saving soon.

The IdolMaster 2 for the PS3, in both the stand-alone package and the Special Box will be released in Japan on October 27th. Somebody please release this stateside :).

Below is the PV for the game:

source Andriasang, Moetron

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