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Life-sized Monster Hunter wyverns to be built at Universal Studios for The Real Monster event

No pun intended but hot damn! This will likely be the biggest Monster Hunter Event ever, both figuratively and literally. The event name is a quite a handful too.

Come August, Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan will be hosting Monster Hunter Portable 3rd event that will feature locations and monsters from the game, in real life. What monsters will be featured is still unknown (a tentative list includes Jinouga, Doboruberuku, Tigrex Subspecies) but Capcom Unity revealed that there will be a full-scaled 1:1 model of the Silver Rathalos. O_O

There will also be a replica of the Spa House and maybe Yukumo Village itself in Studio 8, as well as a realistic creation of the weapon and armors. For cosplay enthusiasts, the event will also feature weapons and armors from the game — this will be as great a resource as any especially if you’re looking to build those fancy armors.

Of course, what Monster Hunter event would not have a tourney. Capcom will be hosting a Time Attack tournament for people who are interested. Prizes will include cash and Monster Hunter merchandise.

As for any news on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, it’s possible that Capcom will have a working demo (or at least more information, videos, etc) on the event itself but no information has been announced.

Information Summary of the upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 3rd event

Event name: The Real Monster

Date: August 02, 2011 (Tuesday) to September 30, 2011 (Friday)

Venue: Universal Studios Japan (1-33 2-chome, Konohana-ku, Sakurajima, Osaka)

Official Website:

source Siliconera, Capcom Unity

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