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Signed GBA emulator: gpSP released

PSP developer flofrucht has released a signed version of the GBA emulator gpSP-J 110507. This simple application will allow you to play GBA, Gameboy color and Gameboy ROMs on your PSP :).

Note that GameBoy and GameBoy Advanced games will be played at their native resolution using the gpSP so they’ll be zoomed in most of the time. At least you’re able to play them on the PSP right?

The Gameboy Advance emulator for PSP based on gPSP and gPSP kai source code has been updated by the anonymous Japanese coder.


Installing gpSP-J 110507 on your PSP

1. Copy the extracted PSP folder to your PSP root and overwrite existing files. This contains gpSP-J 110507 and the proper BIOS need for it to run
3. Put your roms in the /roms folder that is in the same folder as the eboot of gpSP-J 110507.
4. Launch via gpSP-J 110507 and have fun playing your roms.

Credit for the bulk of the work remains afloat as the Japanese coder who released his sources for gpSP-J 110507 remained anonymous.

source flofrucht-dev blog

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