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PlayStation Network to resume operations this week

Sony’s recent press conference in Tokyo address the recent attack on the PlayStation Network, detailing user concerns as well as the company’s future plans to prevent further incidents as well as compensation for users (ergo us without the means to validate Portal 2, download DLC, buy games, etc).

The following PSN services will be online starting some time this week:

  • Play of online titles and titles that require PlayStation Network login
  • Playback on PS3, PSP and MediaGo of rental video content that has already been downloaded
  • Access to rental content that has been downloaded for Video on Demand Powered by Qriocity (time limits apply)
  • PlayStation Home
  • Chat

Other services like the PSN Store will be online at a later date this month.

With regards to information stored on the PSN, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Kaz Hirai says that information on all credit cards registered with the PSN were in fact stored in a separate location on the system and was encrypted.  Representatives from Sony says that there is still no evidence of credit card information having been stolen, but advised customers to keep an eye on their credit card statements all the same.

Sony will be requiring users to upgrade to a new firmware to connect to the PSN and a password reset.

More on this via the Daily Blend’s PSN hacking coverage.

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