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Neur0n’s 6.39 ME-2 LCFW BETA

PSP developer Neur0n, famous for his CFW releases has finally released a LCFW for 6.39 OFW. If you’re on this firmware and don’t want to use the 6.39 to 6.20 downgrader, you may want to try this LCFW out before deciding to downgrade.

Important Note: This firmware is still in BETA and stability might be an issue so try it at your own risk.
Important Note: 6.39 ME-2 supports all PSP models except the PSP Go.


How to install 6.39 ME-2 LCFW on your PSP

  • Extract the file
  • Copy the installer and launcher folders into ms0:/PSP/GAME/
  • Run the “639 installer” from your XMB
  • Press X to install 6.39 ME-2 LCFW, your PSP will reboot.
  • Run the “639 launcher” from your XMB
  • That’s it, you now have 6.39 ME-2 LCFW installed

To uninstall 6.39 ME-2 LCFW from your PSP:

  • Run the “639 installer” from your XMB
  • Press [](square) to uninstall 6.39 ME-2 LCFW, your PSP will reboot.

To enter the Recovery Menu:

  • If you have loaded the 6.39 ME-2 LCFW: Run “639 launcher” again.
  • If you’re back on 6.39 OFW: Run “639 launcher” with hold “R”.

Below is a video of Neur0n’s 6.39 ME-2 LCFW in action:

6.39 ME-2 LCFW Features

— Support Unsigned Homebrew.
— Support Extra module ( = plugins ).
— Support ISO mount with M33driver , NP9660driver , OEdriver , NormalDriver and MEdriver.
— Support UMD video.
— Support converted PSX(PS1) game and custom DOCUMENT.DAT.

— Unlock 480×272 avc video.
— Unlock max display brightness lenel without AC adapter.
— Unlock ExtraMemory for Homebrew ( slim only ).
— Unlock Slim color in XMB.(need to prepare bmp file )

— Support USB battery charging.
— Support CPU speed control.
— Support hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG option.
— Support Flash0/1/2/3/UMD mount with USB.
— Support fake region.
— Support Battery EEPROM option in recovery menu. (For Pandora)

— Support to load Unsignated module.
— Support to load packed ( with Dark_AleX’s psp-packer ) module.

neur0n: 6.39 ME-2 LCFW
some1: For his sceHttpStorageOpen kxploit.
liquidzigong: For his 639kxploit POC.
bbtgp: For his PrxEncrypter.
J416: For his rebootex sample.
Beta testers

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