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Monster Hunter for the PS3 confirmed

This is what us PS3 owners have been waiting for, a Monster Hunter game in HD :).

Capcom has released a first trailer as well as a few detail for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, the PS3 version of the latest iteration of the MonHun series on the PSP, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

The company provided a few details for the PS3 port, promising full HD visuals, 3D support (heh), shared save date with the PSP version (meaning you can play at home, load up the save on your PSP and play on the go), and online play via Ad Hoc Party. Oh, and you can now use the right analog stick for additional camera controls :). Of course, it’s possible that they just mapped the D-pad controls onto the right analog stick :/

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is set to release for summer of this year on the Japanese market. We’ll have to wait a few more months after that for the U.S. release but we can wait for that can’t we? 🙂

For those wondering, yes you can play in co-op with a PSP AND a PS3 via ad-hoc. This means that if you don’t have a PS3, you can visit a buddy who has one and you can link up and play together. Of course you’re not going to benefit from the HD visuals, your friend will.

With regards to downloadable content (quests, etc), Capcom confirms that all of the current and future MHP 3rd downloadable content will be playable on the PS3 version of the game (with some exceptions of course).

The first video trailer for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is available below:

The announcement for the PS3 port of the popular PSP game (as well as the first Monster Hunter title for the PS3) was held during the commemoration of the mobile Monster Hunter Club’s one million member.

info via the Official MonHon site, Andriasang

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