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Casio EX-S200 – Ultimate Moe Camera

If the Ultimate K-On! laptop didn’t catch your attention, this unique, Casio EX-S200 might.

The Casio EX-S200 is a 14.1 MP point and shoot camera with a built-in 5mm-20mm f/3.2-5.9 lens. It can shoot video (720p) HD video, supports up to ISO 3200, and is equipped with a bright, 2.7 inch Super Clear LCD screen. What makes THIS camera version unique is that it allows you to take pictures with the K-On cast (digitally add them to your photos) without using Photoshop (or GIMP ^_^).

So how does it perform? Something like this:

It’s a very limited release and with undoubtedly a huge demand for anything K-on, this would happen. $650.00 lol. The original price is ¥24,800.

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