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25 minutes of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD

News of the Monster Hunter series finally coming to the PS3 probably sparked wildfires in the imagination of every Monster Hunter fan. I’m a bit excited for the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD but Capcom needs to set it’s priorities straight and work on the English release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

But you’re not here for that rant, you’re here for the preview of the game and here it is. The video is taken from Famitsu’s Recent Hagitoko Ustream broadcast posted by Capcom on their Youtube Channel.
Note: If you want to skip to the actual gameplay, jump to 19:00 mark.

Of course looking at the objective side, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is technically a port of the PSP game similar to what Sega has done to Project Diva: Hatsune Miku and Dreamy Theater but at least you get save transfers to the PS3 from the PSP and vice versa as well as adhoc (one player on the PSP another on the PS3). And yes, you can use the right analog stick in game too.

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  1. owen_adib adib May 6, 2012 Reply

    Games psp good.but i cannot to download for free games..haiii,huhh…tq

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