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Remote controlled, Lego-based Siege Tank

We’ve had several Lego creations based on the StarCraft franchise but so for nothing has come close to the ingenuity behind this one. This custom remote controlled Lego tank based on the Crucio Siege Tank of Starcraft 2.

Remote controlled? Yep, it’s got motors, linear actuators and it freaking MOVES. Watch the video for the full details.

And no, it doesn’t fire :/

So how did he make this? Youtube user was generous enough to share his Parts list:

Tread (96X):
Tread sprocket wheel (8X):
Battery box (1X):
Motor (4X):
IR Receiver (2X):
IR Transmitter (2X):
Linear Actuator: (2X):
U Joint (1X):
Actuator/Motor connector (1X):
Power Functions extension wire (2x):

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