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Nintendo sells 3.61 million 3DS units worldwide

Despite that lackluster lineup of launch titles, Nintendo still managed to sell 3.61 million units of the Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

The breakdown of sales per region are as follows:
Japan: 1,060,000
The Americas: 1,320,000
Other: 1,230,000

This sales statistic covers records between February 26 to March 31, 2011 and includes metrics from the Japanese launch, the North American launch and European launch dates.

On the software side of things, Nintendo managed to sell 9.43 million units for the 3DS with two games marked platinum sellers (meaning they sold more than 2 million copies). Nintendo failed to comment as to which titles made the platinum status but it could be any of the following popular titles: Street Fighter, Nintendogs, Pilot Wings, etc. If they had a Pokemon title at launch however, Nintendo would have had a heyday with the 3DS.

source Siliconera

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