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Final Fantasy VI coming to American PSN

Square-Enix has already released (or is that re-release?) Final Fantasy 1 through 5 on the PlayStation Network. This time around, it’s Final Fantasy VI‘s turn to get unleashed to the US PSN.

Anyone missing Kefka yet?

Final Fantasy VI will be released for PSP and PlayStation 3 as a PsOne classic. Yeah it’s the very same release as the PsOne version so if you have it already, it may not be worth it. But hey, at least i hope they fixed all the bugs/glitches. I hope. At which point it might be better to wait out the release of the enhanced version from the GBA. Still if nostalgia can’t wait and you have the cash to spare, it’s still a good purchase.

Here’s the intro video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Now Square-Enix, about that remake…

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