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Create an XMB-Icon using ISO Tool

This guide will teach you how to create XMB-Icons using Taka’s ISO Tool for PSPs using any of the following firmware:

Why? Because the firmwares listed above don’t have native ISO loaders. Using ISO Tool’s create XMB-Icon feature is an alternative to using/installing ISO loaders to run games off your XMB. When creating an XMB-icon, Taka’s ISO Tool will use the built-in Prometheus ISO loader to run games. No need to install plugins like aLoader or OpenIdea or even install the Prometheus ISO loader separately.


  • A PSP with any of the firmware listed above
  • Download ISO Tool by Taka: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

If you have no idea how to install ISO Tool, follow this guide (not up yet).

Creating an XMB icon

  • Start the ISO tool from your XMB
  • Select the ISO you wish to patch
  • Select Make XMB-Icon and Press “O” (circle)
  • Press “O” (circle) to start the proccess
  • After the process is complete, you’ll be reverted to the initial screen.
  • You now have an XMB-Icon of your game

credits to Taka for his ISO Tool and Liquidzigong for Prometheus ISO loader, games via Free PSP Games

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