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Nintendo 3DS region lock confirmed


Nintendo’s brand new console, the Nintendo 3DS is marred by a security feature that cropped up with it’s older brother the Nintendo DSi.  Region-lock.  As is the current situation is with the DSi and DSiWares, you can only play 3DS games the same region as your 3DS console. All your current DS carts however are safe as the region-lock is only enabled for 3DS games. No 3DS imports for you! No piracy either (referring to the anti-piracy killswitch)

Here’s a video by Dale North of Destructoid

This is an area of gaming where Nintendo should take a page from Sony. Both the PS3 and PSP allows you to play games from any region (i.e. ou can download the Catherine Demo from the Japanese PSN Store, install it on your PS3 and run it with the only requirement of having an account for the said store). The only confirmed game for the PSP that has a region-lock is BattleZone. Yes, movies are still region-locked in both UMD and Blu-Ray discs but games are readily available for you to play. As for the PSN Store, having different stores for each region is an implementation of the region-lock but as it doesn’t actually “lock” you out of buying, downloading and playing games, it’s more of a segregation.

More of this investigative work from Destructoid

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  1. jgalvez21 jo March 26, 2011 Reply

    NGP here i go.

    nintendo can stick their c rappy console where it fits.

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