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aLoader 1.20 plugin for 6.20 TN Hen

ardi has released version 1.2 of his aLoader plugin which should work perfectly with 6.20 TN-D. This release includes a new menu when specifying drivers to load your game ISOs.

Aside from the usual bug fixes, aLoader 1.20 plugin also supports working in tandem with the OpenIdea ISO loader, giving you more options with your preferences.

Currently only ISOs are supported by the aLoader plugin.


  • the aloader_game.prx is no more needed (for updaters: you can delete the old aloader_game.prx and remove it from game.txt)
  • shows the ISO-size in the XMB
  • ISOs can be deleted directly from XMB
  • when the L-Trigger is hold, then aLoader shows a menuaLoader 1.20 plugin
  • set autosort=1 in aLoader.conf will show the last started ISO at the top in the XMB
  • set autosort=2 in aLoader.conf will show the last started EBOOT at the top in the XMB
  • set autosort=3 in aLoader.conf will show the last started ISO or EBOOT at the top in the XMB
  • set default_driver=m33 in aLoader.conf will use the M33-Driver as default otherwise the NP9660 is used
  • support of Open Idea – copy the folder “OIP” to /PSP/SYSTEM (do not write the isoctrl.prx to vsh.txt) hold L by the start of an ISO and select “Open Idea” in the menu
  • fixed: suspend/resume PSP Go (i hope :?: )

Download aLoader plugin 1.20

Important Note: If you have no idea how to use/install the plugin, read the original post.

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  1. dodxgraphics Phill May 10, 2012 Reply

    So this works perfectly with 6.20 TN-D (PSP 3000)?

    I’ve tried prometheus with my psp and it starts the gui with all the guides and buttons to press, but it won’t let me press anything just freezes.

    Testing it now.

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